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I/: The fiery sparks of the blues and tagnaouite Fusion between Maalem Mustapha Baqbou and Lucky Peterson A fusion with lots of poetry and a decent amount of emotion, connecting tagnaouite and the unending groove of a legendary bluesman. The two masters will kindle the coals of a fire to an implacable rhythm making us feel hope and redemption. II/: When tagnaouite becomes world music Fusion between Maalem Hamid El Kasri and guests (Karim Ziad, Vincent Mascart, David Aubaile, Omri Mor, Maurice Zemmour) The Maalem with a golden voice, Hamid El Kasri, will be playing for the Festival’s 20th anniversary a completely new repertory. Maalem Hamid El Kasri has composed original music where in total freedom tagnaouite, world music and Moroccan popular music sit side by side amidst a festive ambience. Hamid will be accompanied by a grouping of musicians including drummer Karim Ziad, the Festival’s music director. III/: A 100% Souiei (Essaouira) fusion Fusion between Maalem Mokhtar Guinea and Mogador Band (Morocco) For them, this represents a dream come true, that is to say, playing with Maalem Mokhtar Guinea, the eminently highly respected representative of Gnaoua art. The eight musicians of the Mogador Band in all humility will be placing all their energy and love for fusion in the hands of Maalem Mokhtar Guinea to create a 100% Souri fusion. IV/: Magicians of fusion Band of Gnaoua (Morocco/France) Loy Ehrlich, Maalem Said Boulhimas, Jean-Philippe Rykel, Eric Lphrer, Cyril Atef, Akram Sedkaoui, tao Ehrlich, Adellatif Ramni, Amine El Aliouki, Hichqm Ait Salah and Simo Boumazzough Developed between Paris and Essaouira in 2007 on the occasion of the Essaouira Festival’s 10th anniversary, the Band of Gnaoua paid tribute to the famous “Band of Gypsies” created by Hendrix in ‘69 which, like the stones, the Beatles or Led Zeppelin was directly influenced by music from the Maghreb, the Gnaoua in particular. Consisting of eleven musicians/magicians, Band of Gnaoua presents new interpretations of some standard mythical rock pieces of the nineteen seventies (Come Together, Who knows, Gallows pole...) in a Gnaoua-rock fusion. To celebrate the Festival’s 20th anniversary 10 years after their first concert they will be playing together again for this musical creation by Loy Ehrlich.

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