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I/: When Maracatu encounters its ancestor Karacatu

Residency of Maalems Said Kouyou & Carlinhos Brown (Morocco/Brazil)

With each edition there are new adventures and above all a permanent search of openness to the globe: this time the Far East,Central Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas, and the Persian world. The stages involved have all swayed to sharing a wide spectrum of music. For this highly colorful residency Brazilian rhythms will encounter Gnaoua, and Maracatu will encounter its ancestor Karacatu; an outburst of joy and good humor ready for the taking!


II/: From Guinea to Sidi Ali Ben Hamdouch

Residency of Maalem Hassan Boussou, Hmadcha, Aboubacar Kouyaté, Laurent Clipet, Yacou Daniel N'Guessan  and Alexandre Warnez (Morocco/France/Mali)

This 100% African residence stretches from the forest of Guinea to the approaches of Essaouira to tell us a story about African music. A group of krins (ancestor of percussion instruments made of wood logs) will open the way and play to Hmadcha rhythms and finally to the tagnaouite of Maalem Hassan Boussou and signing of griot Aboubacar Kouyaté with percussionist Laurent Clipet leading the orchestra.


III/: Encounter between indo-Pakistani Sufism heritage and tagnaouite 

Residency of Titi Robin and guests (Mehdi Nassouli, Shuheb Hasan, Murad Ali Khan, and Habib Meftah)

This original performance exclusively produced for the Festival is an artistic vision devised by Titi Robin from a marriage between indo-Pakistani Sufi music and art within his personal universe, recalling the various phases of the encounter between the French musician and Essaouira. The melodic repertory played will be directly connected to the occasion, along with chanted poetry taking inspiration from the subtle values of their respective traditions via a radical aesthetic approach, i.e. that of Titi Robin with his personal vision as an artist, the depth and integrity of original cultures always underpinning the close links tying them  together. 

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