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Coastal town on the Moroccan Atlantic, the former Mogador (from the Phoenician "Migdol," small fortress) is undoubtedly a place apart. Small port city, rocked by the trade winds, Essaouira has preserved the rare authenticity that characterizes it.

It feels good to get lost in its medina (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), discover or rediscover its charm. Its traditional riads, arts and craft, its alleyways, its colorful stalls make Essaouira a city of unquestioned magic, and every stay inside its walls becomes lasting memories.

Cosmopolitan city, Essaouira hosts many cultural events, including Gnawa and World Music Festival, honoring its inherent Gnawa music culture. This music of many virtues,originally comes from Sub-Saharan slaves, brought in the region of Essaouira in the sixteenth century. This festival is an opportunity to (re) discover in an other way places such as the Moulay Hassan square, Borj Bab Marrakech, Dar Souiri or Zaouia Sidna Bilal.

But the former Mogador is above all a city of artistsin the quest of its unique atmosphere, artistssuch as Jimi Hendrix. Storytells he composed Castle Made Of Sand in Essaouira.

Essaouira is located on the Moroccan Atlantic coast, 350 km from Casablanca, 175 km from Marrakech and 190 km from Agadir.

Its airport is located 18 km from the city and is only served by Royal Air Maroc.

By bus

  • From Marrakech:

          Bus (duration 2:30 to 3h)

  • From Agadir:

          Bus (duration 3:15 to 3:45)

  • From Rabat or Casablanca:

          Train to Marrakech (duration 4:15 or 3:15) + bus (duration 2:30 to 3h)



By plane

  • For more information : http://www.royalairmaroc.com/


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